Mega Swag Bucks Day!!

Every Friday is Mega Swag Bucks Day (MSBD), which means better odds of winning our BIG Swag Bucks denominations! Simply search naturally, and with a little luck, you’ll be winning large bills starting at 20 Swag Bucks and up.

While this is NOT a guarantee that you’ll win high value Swag Bucks, we invite you to visit our twitter page ( on every MSBD to hear from Swaggernauts like you who are winning big.

If you’re a winner, consider tweeting a picture of your congratulations screen and including @swagbucks in your tweet. If TSG sees your tweet, he’ll retweet it!

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Mega Swag Bucks Day is here again, bringing with it delicious possibilities! For you rookies out there, on Mega Swag Bucks Days Team Swagbucks gives away “mad” Swag Bucks… upwards of 400,000 Swag Bucks to be precise!

If you want to know more about Swag Bucks, check out my post here.



If you know me… you know that I love getting what I can as cheap as I can!  Many of you have asked me how I know about ‘these things’ and I just shrug my shoulders.  It comes from various sources; online, magazines, friends, family, etc.  I used to do a lot of research and surfing to find freebies, but I don’t seem to have as much time to devote to it anymore.  Now, I depend on specific websites and Facebook pages to guide me.  Below is a list of those websites, in no particular order… except the first one… because Heather @ Freebies 4 Mom is fantastic at all of this… so I must give her the proper kudos! (they also have in Canada and Worldwide lists)

How to make the most with Swag Bucks!

If you’re not already a member, please sign up using my referral code.

Those that are my referrals will receive extra help!

Searching – Use Swag Bucks to search the web.  Their web engine is powered by Google and, so the results are pretty good!  You can go straight to their home page (make sure you’re logged in) or set it as your default search engine for your specific browser or pick a page from their site.

Use Swag Bucks to GET to your favorites.  I know it’s easier to just type in the website or go to the bookmark, but why do that when you could possibly get SBs for it?  Just type in the name of the site (facebook) and do a search… it only takes a few more seconds than going directly.

Don’t over search.  It is highly unlikely that you will win more than one time per hour.  Or after your 20th search of the day.

IF you do a search and find yourself at their rules page, you are over-searching.  STOP!  Take a few hour break!!

Toolbar – Download and install their toolbar.  You receive SB for downloading it, for using it, for searches (like above) and sometimes for no reason at all!

Install the toolbar and search engines on all computers in your house.  You cannot have more than one account per household, but you can ALL use the same account!

Follow – Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.  All places have tips, trivia and assorted ways to randomly win SBs.  Sign up for their newsletter too.

Purchases – Make your online purchases through their website.  If you have online shopping to do, login to SwagBucks and then go to their “Shop and Earn” page.  You still buy from the stores you want, but now you earn SBs for doing it too!

Swag Codes- Find the Swag Codes that they release at least one a day (but are supposed to step it up to 5/day for summer).  They can turn up anywhere… Facebook, Twitter, toolbar, blog, newsletter, shop & earn, Flickr, etc.  When you find a code, return to and enter it in the Swag Code box.

Trade In – Trade in your old cell phones, video games and electronics for SBs.

Polls – Vote in the Daily Polls. (1 SB daily).  Submit Poll ideas.

Surveys – Go to the Trusted Surveys  (1 SB daily just for going there).  Fill out the starter info.  Then  complete the other profile questions.  You get 5SBs for each section.   Check back often to see if you qualify for any surveys.  By often, I mean at least once a day!  If you qualify… get to it and do it!

Special Offers – Go to the NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers).  You can pick any that interest you or skip and ignore them all.  At the end of the rotation of them, you will receive 1 SB (daily).

Complete other special offers.  Some are free and some are not… pay special attention to the details of how and when you get credited.  Sign up for any of the e-newsletters.

Referrals – Refer friends.  You get matching SBs (up to 1000 per friend) for SBs they win while searching

READ! – Read the blog.  Alot of tips are in the blog, besides other useful or entertaining bits.  They also release alot of codes in the blog.

Screen shots and photos – Send in photos and videos of your SBs prizes.  You can also take a screen shot of SB wins and send to them (don’t know much about this yet).

Swidget – Get the Swidget for your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogger (or whichever) pages.  If you have Google Chrome, you can easily install the Swidget there.  A few clicks and it’ll tell you if there’s a code out and where to find it (most of the time).

Other tips – Log out of Swag Bucks.  Don’t stay logged in all the time.  Periodically log out for a few minutes.

Use a different browser.  I have the toolbar downloaded to IE, but use the website to search on Firefox and Chrome.

Clear your cookies every so often.

This may seem stupid… but I find I get more SBs for typos.  So search for doggs instead of dogs.  See if it works for you too!

Swag Codes are released every so often and If I am near the computer, I send a FB message to my friends and referrals.  There are other sites that will send you email or text notifications, but I don’t.

Sometimes when you win, you need to enter a verification word… pay close attention, as it is case-sensitive.

***Read this as a comment on another blog and thought I should note it***

**While the SwagBucks rules do not expressly prohibit searching for known websites, they do prohibit repeatedly searching for the same terms:“…searches that are not deemed by the Sponsor to represent legitimate use of the Search Services will void all entries and result in disqualification. Such non-legitimate uses include, but are not limited to:…searches for the same word or phrase; any other searches which do not appear to represent a legitimate use of the Search Services.” So while it is okay to search for amazon, if you do it on a daily basis, you will be in violation of their usage rules.I don’t care whether you post this particular comment, but please mention that repeatedly searching for the same word(s) is not permissible. Thank you.**

Redemption of Swag Bucks – When it’s time to redeem… it’s pretty simple!  Just go to the Swag Store and click on what you want!

I signed up in February but didn’t start until April and I have already cashed in for $5 in Paypal Cash ($5 deposited into my Paypal account) – Four times.  And right now I have enough to cash in for another $25 cash… but we think we might just cash in for Xmas shopping instead.

Your best bet is the Amazon credit.  It only take 450 SB for $5, as compared to 700 SB for $5 Paypal Cash.

5600 SB for $40 Paypal Cash or 3600 SB for Amazon Credit… easy choice now!

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