Queens Mamas

I just found out last night that a business associate of Den’s has her own mommy blog.  You think he might have mentioned it before now… but duh.  I haven’t had time to check it out much myself yet… but here is the info;

About the Queens Mamas

Queens Mamas is an online guide to Queens published by parents for parents. It was founded by Leni Calas a Queens mother of two who was frustrated by the lack of links to Queens on the Web. She decided to create Queens Mamas as a gateway for families to connect with Queens through the internet.

To families and visitors of Queens, Queens Mamas is an online supply of information relating to growing happy and healthy families here in the borough.

What you will see here: All things Queens. Events, local businesses, resources in Queens, classes, parks, schools, you name it. If there is a resource in Queens we want to know about it.



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