‘Empty Sky:’ Homage to New Jersey’s 9/11 dead – NorthJersey.com

At dawn and dusk, the sun reflects on the memorial’s two long parallel walls in such a way that if you walk down the path between them, you see a bright halo, like a circle of fire, arching in front of you.

‘Empty Sky:’ Homage to New Jersey’s 9/11 dead – NorthJersey.com.


Just One Thing – Chalkboard Paint

I cannot take credit for this.  I read it in The North Jersey Herald News in the “Just One Thing” blurb.

One easy way to recycle lots of leftover paint in a myriad of colors is to simply mix them all together into one, solid color of chalkboard paint.  Make sure all the paint is water-based latex (most are these days) and in usable condition.  Pour them all into one large bucket and stir until completely blended.  Then add a few tablespoons of powdered grout (from the hardware store) and mix again.  Voila!  Instant chalkboard paint to use anywhere you want.

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