Water Balloons & reading!

I shared this post earlier… then Wendy & I were talking about it and said we could do the same thing with those large packing bubbles we get.  Then I had an AHA moment!  It might be because I am so exhausted that I’m thinking like a child or because of this humidity… but I thought, Why not do this with water balloons??  Then they can throw them or just pop them on themselves!  We can do the basic pronouns, throw in some verbs and adjectives and nouns… not just sight words and make whole sentences out of them.  We can then have summer fun AND teach the kids to read!!

From Teacher Tipster….I found a use for bubblewrap! I wrote my students’ sight words on the flat part of the bubblewrap and when they read the word correctly, they got to pop the bubble! I teach special needs kids so this activity had a dual purpose. It was sight word recognition and an occupational therapy/finger strengthening activity. They LOVED it! You could do letter recognition, number recognition, math facts, etc. I would do with colors.


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