ABS-SO-TIGHTLY-RIGHT! 24- Day Challenge

I saw this challenge on Facebook and decided it’d be perfect for me.

A little backstory.  I was never a string bean except when I was anorexic.  I love food, I love to bake, cook and eat.  So I gained and gained and gained.  I lost a little weight over the years, but always gained it back plus more.

14 years ago, on the day I was to have my first child, I was my heaviest.  Since then I have lost 71 lbs.  

I wanted to lose 15 more before I quit smoking, so I wouldn’t be so devastated by the inevitable weight gain.  I got stuck at 5 below and have been here for 4 months now.  I tried to increase my exercise, but I don’t have the time I need.  I tried to decrease my caloric intake but I lost energy.  I tried to cut back on treats but I found I’d then overindulge.  So I just settled on this weight and pretty much gave up.

BUT since seeing this challenge, I decided I CAN do this.  Even if I don’t end up losing the rest of this weight, I am doing something to improve myself.  I will tone my mid-section, get rid of that baby belly I got from my two girls and strengthen my core muscles which will help with my injured back.

I started yesterday morning and was shocked.  It took no time at all (I did it while my little one was brushing her teeth and washing her hands in face) and it didn’t hurt.  When I did it today, I felt it a whole lot more.  After all, I don’t use those lower muscles for anything!  I’m a little sore but it is tolerable without any advil or tylenol.

So…. who else is up for the challenge?  We need to support each other in this!

End note – I edited this pic into a document, removed the pic, printed it and taped it to my bedroom wall to remind myself every day to do it!  If you would like a copy, I can email it to you!



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