AVOID Friendly’s Restaurant in Rockaway!

We had the worst dining experience at Friendly’s in Rockaway 2 days ago.  The bathroom was unclean, was low on toilet paper which wasn’t even on a dispenser and no soap to wash out hands.  The pictures on the walls and the wall near our table had ice cream or drinks or some disgusting mix of the two splattered all over it.  The restaurant was not very busy, not even half full yet our waitress took forever to take care of us.  The menus had items that they no longer served, which we only found out about after I ordered one of the entrees.  We had to ASK for silverware from another waitress who was nearby AFTER our food was delivered to our table.  I had to ask for lemon, that should have been with my fish.  They ran out of kids cups, so my 6 year old received a milkshake like cup and a straw that was too long for it.  They ran out of ketchup so when we asked for some, we were given a handful of packets.  They also ran out of french fries, so our servings of them were quite small.  My daughter’s sliders were burnt on the outside and rare on the inside, as were the buns.  After the waitress brought our check, we had to wait nearly 10 minutes for her to ask if we wanted to pay.  She then took the check to the front register and was standing there waiting for us to approach her, instead of bringing our change to us.  If I was ever asked if I had a good experience with Friendly’s… I would definitely say to avoid it at all costs!

FYI, it was the one in the Rockaway Townsquare mall.

301 Mount Hope Avenue, Suite 1040
Rockaway, NJ 07866

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