Laundry Supplies – Intro

I don’t know about you, but I am seriously sick and tired of wasting money on laundry supplies!

I used to love my super-soft clothes and linens so much that I would use liquid fabric softener in the washer AND dryer sheets.  That was B.K. (before kids).  Since those little tykes have come into my life, I have found that I need to stretch my dollar alot further now!  

I switched from Brand Name to the Costco (Kirkland) brands for most of my laundry supplies, but with a household of 5 and critters, I’m constantly doing laundry.  Which means, I’m constantly buying supplies.

I tried not using dryer sheets, but the static cling was impossible.

I tried using only vinegar as my fabric softener in the washer but it did nothing for softness.

Then I came across some posts – make your own fabric softener, make your own dryer sheets, make your own laundry detergent.

Hmmm… and so the journey begins!


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