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For the record 
#1 – I breastfeed and formula both. For awhile. E ended up with failure to thrive because I wasn’t producing enough. J ended up on formula because I thought I was dying (and I actually was. Whew! Good save there Doc!).
#2 – I feed my kids what the hell ever I want. I have organic, non-organic, healthy and junk. If you don’t want your kids eating/drinking it while they’re with me, send your own.
#3 – I suck at parties. I’ve posted our sad attempts at decorations, lopsided cakes and homemade games. Even J’s Frozen party was not really “Pinterest-worthy’ but I posted it there so others can learn from my mistakes and see the awesomeness from my friends’ helping us! 
#4 – I only laugh when I’m people watching with W. Lol. J/K. We are the first to point out our awesome outfits of tshirts and stretchies/jeans and oversized jackets and hole-filled gloves! But, that one Mom that dresses like a hoochie to pick up her kids, yeah, we make fun of her.
#5 – I’ve been both. And I’ve been racked with guilt while being both. You will never make anyone else happy. Try just to make yourself happy.
#6 – It was mentioned in the comments. I had 2 c-sections. After E, I felt so shamed that I didn’t “give birth” or “deliver” her. For many years, I said “I had her” or “When she was born”. I cried. DH comforted me. I felt like a loser because I couldn’t do what was “natural. All those times he told me the same thing, that if my body had allowed it, I would have. But not matter what, she came FROM me and we were alive because of that choice. When it came time for J , I gave birth to her… even though it was a c-section. And Thank Heavens for the C-section or I would have died during childbirth.
Now, no more shaming, no more judging. Unless you live in the perfect world, you suck as a parent too 

5 Mom-Shaming Trends That Need to Stop Now | Mommy Nearest.


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Smiley360 Build A Bear Mission

I qualified for an awesome mission from Smiley360!  It’s the Build A Bear Mission!!   I received a complimentary $40 giftcard to BuildA-Bear Workshop through Smiley360!

We absolutely love, love, love BAB in our house!  My oldest daughter has 5 (or maybe 6 lol) but my youngest had none.  Until now!!

So I told my family that we HAD to go to Rockaway Mall.  We have a mall closer and I’m not a big shopping fan, so they looked at me quizzically.  Then I explained that we had to go to Build A Bear Workshop!!  I told them how I qualified for a “mission” and that I was going to receive a $40 GC to get a Superhero, My Little Pony or Disney Princess Palace Pets friend, in exchange for us giving our honest opinion of the whole experience.

My daughters immediately went on the BAB website to try to find the perfect one for my youngest, they spent hours at it, but they couldn’t decide.  They said they would just “know” when they got to the workshop.

So we waited, impatiently, for the GC to come from Smiley360.  It didn’t take long, but to them it seemed like years.  And then off we went to Build A Bear!

This was my first time going to BAB, as my mother and grandmother actually made all the ones for my oldest daughter.  The gentleman who greeted us was very cheerful.  He asked if it was our first time, who the friend was for and what our budget was.  With those questions answered, he had a few more for my daughter… trying to find her favorite things to help her find the right friend.  He guided us through the process of picking the friend and showing us the accessories in our budget. He never suggested anything that would put us over the limits, which was greatly appreciated by myself and my husband.

The woman who helped my daughter stuff and wish on the heart was also very personable.  She seemed to be just as excited by it all as my daughter was!

The store was super organized and very clean, everything hanging where it should and nothing on the floors.  I was shocked since I can imagine the number of children that go through the store every day.

It has now been 2 1/2 weeks since our visit and “Twinkle” is still my daughter’s favorite to cuddle and play with and read to.  Even though there’s a strict “no-outside” rule to keep her friend clean, she sometimes seems to forget and brings her out in the yard to play on the swings.  She cuddles with her every night and can’t go to sleep without her.

Thank you Smiley360 for giving us this mission!!!

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