5 Mom-Shaming Trends That Need to Stop Now | Mommy Nearest

For the record 
#1 – I breastfeed and formula both. For awhile. E ended up with failure to thrive because I wasn’t producing enough. J ended up on formula because I thought I was dying (and I actually was. Whew! Good save there Doc!).
#2 – I feed my kids what the hell ever I want. I have organic, non-organic, healthy and junk. If you don’t want your kids eating/drinking it while they’re with me, send your own.
#3 – I suck at parties. I’ve posted our sad attempts at decorations, lopsided cakes and homemade games. Even J’s Frozen party was not really “Pinterest-worthy’ but I posted it there so others can learn from my mistakes and see the awesomeness from my friends’ helping us! 
#4 – I only laugh when I’m people watching with W. Lol. J/K. We are the first to point out our awesome outfits of tshirts and stretchies/jeans and oversized jackets and hole-filled gloves! But, that one Mom that dresses like a hoochie to pick up her kids, yeah, we make fun of her.
#5 – I’ve been both. And I’ve been racked with guilt while being both. You will never make anyone else happy. Try just to make yourself happy.
#6 – It was mentioned in the comments. I had 2 c-sections. After E, I felt so shamed that I didn’t “give birth” or “deliver” her. For many years, I said “I had her” or “When she was born”. I cried. DH comforted me. I felt like a loser because I couldn’t do what was “natural. All those times he told me the same thing, that if my body had allowed it, I would have. But not matter what, she came FROM me and we were alive because of that choice. When it came time for J , I gave birth to her… even though it was a c-section. And Thank Heavens for the C-section or I would have died during childbirth.
Now, no more shaming, no more judging. Unless you live in the perfect world, you suck as a parent too 

5 Mom-Shaming Trends That Need to Stop Now | Mommy Nearest.


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