About me…

I’ve always hated this part.  I feel like it’s a personal ad and I need to sell myself.  I can’t possibly describe myself and give myself enough credit!!  Lol

The basics are easy tho;

I’m a thirty-something WAHM, married with two girls, one preteen and one preschooler.  They are my life and I’m sure they will be my cause of death 🙂

I love my friends… new and old.  I love animals, pets (not so much most days), reading, computers, card games, board games, jigsaw puzzles and I’m sure there’s a ton of other things.  I don’t watch much TV, except for a handful of shows that I try to watch.  I love music and have a wide variety of genres that interest me.  I absolutely love concerts and being turned on to new music and artists.

Well… I guess that’s enough for now.  Maybe some day I will add more…


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