Aileen’s Kick Cancer Fund by Micki Audette-Gaudet – GoFundMe

Aileen’s Kick Cancer Fund by Micki Audette-Gaudet – GoFundMe.

Aileen is one of my best friends, for almost 35 years now.  Please help by donating or sharing, sharing and sharing some more.


Teresa Faria | Cancer got my skin, but not my spirit

See that beautiful woman? She’s one of my oldest friends. Since Kindergarten… we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve shared, we’ve fought, we’ve made up (obviously). She has such a huge part of my heart. She needs our help, so please, please help. If you can donate even $1 so that she can take care of her medical issues and enjoy happiness for a change, I would be so very grateful. If you cannot donate, please click the link and share from the site to get the word out and help keep it active. Thank you.

PS She has not been able to update today, but she got word from her Doctor. She does not have cancer in the uterus just polyps and a fibroid the size of a plum. She has to have the hysterectomy and SOON.

Teresa Faria | Cancer got my skin, but not my spirit.

Zack hates leukemia! Help out and enjoy a great meal!

Fundraiser at Uno – Clifton for Zack!

Save the date people!!! Come out and support Zack attacking leukemia! Uno’s in Clifton will donate 20% of your check to help out a family that desperately needs it. You can dine in or take out. Reach out to me for a flyer or just mention the fundraiser when you go.‪#‎zachattacksleukemia‬ ‪#‎cliftonunos‬ ‪#‎everybithelps‬

Uno Chicago Grill
426 Route 3 West
Clifton, NJ 07014

October 9th – ALL DAY!


zack hates leukemia by Erin Burke – GoFundMe

Although the campaign is over, Zack’s fight is not. Please continue to support Zack and his family, in any way that you can. Show your support and offer any help to the family through the FB page Zackhatesleukemia –

zack hates leukemia by Erin Burke – GoFundMe.

my 14 year old cousin zack has been battling leukemia for years now. he was diagnosed when he was 10. he has already had one bone marrow transplant. unfortunately, just recently his leukemia has returned. he has loving family and friends that are supporting him in any way possible. however, bills are piling up and i want to make sure his parents have the least amount of stress possible, all things considered. please find it in your heart to donate. any little bit helps! with much love and appreciation, erin and the rest of zack’s family

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